NOV 26, 2012
NOV 21, 2012
NOV 14, 2012
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OCT 31, 2012
Korean Textile & Fashion Trade Show
For more information, please contact KOTRA:
212-826-0900 Sangbum Bae
Korean Textile & Fashion Trade Show Promotion Booth  @ D2P3 Fashion Show / On Friday, October 19th at Midtown Loft, D2 (Designers of 2nd Generation) hosted annual D2P3 fashion show that invited more than 350 guests from fashion community in New York. As per collaboration partnership with D2, We participated as well and ran promotion for our main event on November 28th and 29th.
Special Presenter: Julie Chang from Fox 5 / Big surprise for all the attending guests! Julie Chang, entertainment report form Fox 5 represented our event and gave a brief presentation about what will happen at our event! Click the link below to watch the video clip of her presentation.
Here are some other video clips of Julie Chang and her performance from Fox 5.
D2P3 Fashion Show concluded as a success as always and many guests stopped at our promotion booth to get to know more about Korean Textile & Fashion Trade Show.
STAY TUNED! / More exciting news coming up about Korean Textile & Fashion Trade Show!