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Able Fashion Textile Co, Ltd.Women's Wear-Cotton Blended Suiting & Shirting
-Novelty Lace & Eyelet
-Functional Fabrics
Rep: Jin Hwi Jung
Contact: Alfredo
alfredo@ablefashion.co.krCompany Profile: Able Fashion specializes in fabrics for lady’s wear. They are striving to create new trends and to achieve sustainable growth in the green & eco textile business.

Address: #704, Daelim Opera Bldg., 60 Gurojungang-ro, Guro-gu, Seoul, Korea
Agatex Co, Ltd.Women's Suit Fabric
-100% Polyester Woven Fabric
-GGT Print
Rep: Joo Hyung Kim
Contact: Myung Ok Hwang
Company Profile: Agatex Co. is a company capable of manufacturing equipment and trading. They are constantly developing and researching innovative and trendy polyesters.

Address: 1304, Bisan 7-Dong, Seo-gu, Daegu, Korea
Apex F.L. Co, Ltd.Men's/Women's/Junior's/Kid's Outerwear & Sportswear-CTN Mixed Fabric w/ Special Coating
-Washed Fabric w/ Special Coating
-High Synthetic w/ Special Coating
Rep: J. Young Park
apexfl@naver.comCompany Profile: Apex F.L. Co. produces technical and high-value fabric in Korea while supplying various items to mostly Europe and Asia. They mainly handle and take responsibility for outerwear and sportswear for men and women.

Address: #514, Shinhan Nextel, 269 Gosanja-ro, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, Korea
Bell+Thunder FabricsWomen's WearPrinted and solid fabricsRep: Hyun Soo Seo
Contact: Hyun Soo Seo
bntfabrics@gmail.comCompany Profile: Bell+Thunder Fabrics specializes in producing printed and solid factors for women and closely works with DVF, Aidan Mattox, Hatch Collection, and Nic+Zoe.
Address:44-12 Yoido-dong, youngdungpo-gu, Seoul, Korea
Benetex ValleyMen's, Women's and Sports Wear-Fake Fur
-Acrylic Long High Pile
-Polyester Pile Fabrics
Rep: Hoony Jeong
Contact: Hoony Jeong
benetextil@naver.comCompany profile: Established in 2004, Benetex Valley Company has been actively exporting fabrics to overseas markets. Through steady quality control and design, Benetex Valley is looking forward to make a bridgehead from KPNY.
Address:#197, Geurugogae-ro, Gwangjeok-myeon, Yangju-city, Gyeonggido, Korea
Bien World Co, Ltd.Women's Wear
Party Wear
-Fancy Knits
-Woven Polyester
Rep: Soo Hwan Nam
Contact: Seung Kyun Lee
master@bienworld.comCompany Profile: Bein World is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters in Korea and China. They specialize in various unique fabrics for ladies wear. Their aim is to pursue new innovation and create new fabric culture by developing business relationships around the world.

Address: #706, Buycksan Digital Valley, 24, Digital-ro 27-gil, Guro-gu, Seoul, Korea
Chung Nam Textile CompanyWomen's Wear
Party Wear (Dress, Jacket, Suit, Skirt)
-Metallic with Spandex
Rep: Kwang Cheon Kim
Contact: Richard Lee
Company Profile: Chung Nam Textile Company has specialized in novelty yarn-dyed & textured (Metallic & Non-Metallic) jacquard in Seoul since 1987. They mainly produce fancy woven jacquard in 50/1",53/5" & 58/60" widths for women's dresses, jackets, suits, skirts purpose using yarns such as Acetate/Nylon/Cotton/Rayon/Polyester/Spandex(or stretched) and Metallic(or non-Metallic).

Address: 67, Kyungheedae-ro, 1 Na-gil, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul, Korea
CS Textile Co, Ltd.Knit
Coats & Jackets
-Woven and Knit Fabric
-Ultrasonic Embossed and Punched Fabric
Rep: Peter Jang
Contact: Khan
khan@cstex.comCompany Profile: CS Textile Co. is a leading company that has been supplying the latest fashionable fabric to high-level customers in the EU and Italy. They are currently in development of various new compositions and fabrics (woven and kint) and converting new concept design and quality by a unique and special finishing such as a coating, foiling embossing, quilting, and bonding etc.

Address: 2F, Yongchen Bldg., 181, Janghan-ro, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul, Korea
Daea International Co., Ltd-PU Garment Leather
-Outdoor Garment
Rep:Youn Hee Lee
Contact:Young Chang Yang
enjoy4500@naver.comCompany Profile: Established in 2014, Daea International specializes in producing casual and functional sportswear. Mainly targeting the European market, Daea forsees trends in the new season through consulting services in Europe.11
Daechun Co, Ltd.Children's Wear
Home Deco
Men's Shirts
Women's Blouses
-Printing & Dyeing on Cotton/Rayon/ Linen/Ramie
-Digital Printing on Cotton Shirts/ Blouses/Children's Wear
Rep: DK Kim
Contact: Jung Kim
Company Profile: Daechun, established itself in Korea in 1988 as a dyeing and printing manufacturer and exporter, and has run a successful printing business of cotton fabric and a variety of textiles over the last 30 years with 180 employees.
Fully equipped with up-to-date printing facilities and a highly skilled team, Daechun prints up to 18 colors using the highest-grade of dye stuff. Being capable of dyeing 1 million yards and printing 2 million yards per month with two printing mills located close to Seoul, annual turnover was US$40 million in 2016.
As the industry leader, just one of a handful of companies, Daechun battled through a price war by using unmatchable engraving techniques and high-technique dyeing and printing qualities. In an effort to minimize its carbon footprint and operate as a model of environmental sustainability, Daechun uses eco-friendly dyestuff on organic fabrics and maintains strict standards for the efficient use of raw materials and for recycling.
As Pioneer company to achieve international organic certificates including GOTS and Oeko-Tex(Standard 100 class 1), Daechun is committed to producing products that are beneficial for the environment.
The company also benefits from its vertical integration starting from an in-house design team, bulk dyeing and printing facilities and a retail store.
While our bulk production facilities mostly handle 3rd party mass orders, our in-house design team tests out new design through our retail store.
With offices in Seoul and New York City, Daechun's sales department provides 360-degree service to clients in the United States, Europe, Australia and Japan, and delivers high satisfaction and it allows Daechun to swiftly react to new trends and colors as well as develop creative end-products.

Address: 3F, 34 Worldcup buk-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea
E Three CO., LTDWomen's WearKnit Fabric, Screen PrintRep: Sang Woo Choi
Contact: Sang Woo Choi
ethree11@naver.comCompany profile: E Three company exports premium knit fabrics and screen prints.
Address: 5th Floor, 7-18, Cheongsa-ro 68beon-gil, Uijeongbu-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
ElzionHome-Deco, Shoes, and Garment-Faux Fur (Solid, Foil, Discharge Print, Pearl Foil, Suede Bonding, and Knit Bonding)Rep:Kwang Woo Park
Contact:Kwang Woo Park
kwang5378@gmail.comCompany Profile: Founded in 2005, Elzion is a textile company specializing in the direct exporting of faux fur and knit fabric to the United States, Europe, and Japan. Elzion strives to run its business in an environmentally sustainable way and works to invest in a wide range of corporate social responsibility programs specific to the needs of the community.2
EvertrueWomen's Wear-Cotton
Rep: Eun Hee Lee
Contact: Joo Hyun Lee
evertrueco@naver.comCompany Profile: Evertrue Corporation produces a variety of compound fabric yarns, which are applied to various fabrics. They can produce a wide range of high-quality fabrics from one item by altering the finishing process. For example, bio-washing, aero washing, peach, coating, foil process etc. They specialize in supplying the most up-to-date products with world wide networks.

Address: (Sindang-dong) 3F, Namjung B/D, 8, Dasan-ro 21-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea
FMB GlobalSport's WearFunctional Stretch Fabrics ( wicking, anti-microbial, UV)Rep: Steven Kwon
Contact: Daniel Jung
Company profile: FMB Global specializes in producing functional stretch fabrics. Mainly producing yoga suits and running suits, FMB closely work with major brands in U.S such as Gap and Lucky Brand
Address: RM#912, Dangsan SK V1 Center W, 11, Dangsan-ro 41-gil, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Korea
Focus FabricWomen's Wear-Lace
Rep:Hans Oh
Contact:Jun Lee
trendfocuson@naver.comCompany Profile: Established in 2014, Focus Fabric specializes in producing lace, velvet, knit in the women's dress market.8
GTCNYWomen's Clothing-JQD
-Stretch Knits
-Fine Mesh
-Glitter & Metallic
Rep: Hyo Hyun Hwang
Company Profile: GTCNY represents mills from Gyeonggi Province in Korea. They specialize in Novelty Knits including JQD, Laces, Acetate Fukuro, Velvet, Burn out, Fine Mesh, Stretch Knits, Prints, Foil, Glitter & Metallic.

Address: 1407 Broadway #910 New York, NY 10018, USA
Hana TexOutwear-Poly Fake Fur
Rep:Ki Young Lee
Contact:Sean Lee
seanlee76@outlook.comCompany Profile: Hana Tex specializes in producing poly fake fur, acrylic fake fur, and wool fabric.4
Hans FM, IncShirts
-Cotton/ Cotton Mixtures for Shirts
Polyester Woven Fabric for Blouses
Rep: Chong Hyuk Park
Contact: Ryan Kim
ryan@hansfm.comCompany Profile: Hans FM, Inc. was founded in 2014 and specializes in manufacturing mixed woven and 100% polyester fabric. They sub-contract dyeing and weaving to mills in Korea, Indonesia and China.

Address: 4F, 513, Cheonho-daero, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, Korea
Hoshin Textile Co., LtdWomen's wear and Party Wear100% Polyester woven fabrics, high sensitive and natural like fabricsRep: Suk Ki Lee
Contact: Juno Lee
sales@hoshintex.comCompany Profile: Hoshin Textile mainly produces 100% polyester woven fabrics and natural-like fabrics. Hoshin Textile exports to Spain, UK, and Turkey and its main customers are Zara, Mango, Topshop, and garment vendors in China.
Address: B-205, Dyetec Institute, Pyungri-4 dong, Seo-gu, Daegu, Korea
Hosung Textile Co, Ltd.Men's/Women's/Kid's Wear
-Polyester Print Fabric
Rep: Bong Hwan Kim
Contact: Justin Oh
justin@hstex.bizCompany Profile: Hosung Textile specializes in polyester, nylon and some mixed fabrics. They have 4 strong points:
1. Fast Sourcing- Greige storage system
2. Can offer reasonable prices- Dual-sourcing for the lowest price
3. Provide the best quality fabrics- Quality control team is always ready for inspection, No shipment without a guarantee of quality, Precise fabric grading system
4. Research & Development- Follow new trends, Predict customer's needs in the market

Address: 5F, Hosung B/D, 49, Seongnae-ro 3ga-gil, Gangdong-gu, Seoul, Korea
Hyebin Textile Co, Ltd.Women's/Men's Wear
-Poly-textured Knitted Fabrics
Rep: Hung Soon Lim
Contact: Eun Jeong Kim
hyebintextile@gmail.comCompany Profile: Hyebin Textile Co. specializes in innovative and trendy knit textiles. They offer a wide range of textiles from ones with sophisticated surfaces and bright, unusual patterns to ones with irregular and textured knits.

Address: 7F, Samkwang Bldg., 35, Yulgok-ro 22-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea
Hyundai Chemical Co, Ltd.Men's Wear
Sports and Outdoor Wear
Casual Wear
-Ultra-light Nylon & Polyester
Hirex & Supplex
NP Melange Woven Fabric
-Stretch Woven Fabric
Military, Workwear, etc.
Rep: Sang Mo Son
Contact: Youn Seok Jang
Company Profile: Hyundai Chemical Company has specialized in producing nylon, polyester woven fabrics for sportswear, casual, outdoor and functional fabrics since its establishment in 1986. They produce more than 30 million yards of fabric per year in their 3 privately-owned factories in Korea. Also, they offer a wide range of products from ultra-light fabrics for the outdoors to workwear such as cordura fabrics. They are also a certified Cordura mill by INVISTA. They strive to satisfy every customer with the best products and high-quality services by constantly reinforcing R&D and investment.

Address: 4/F, HYUNDAI Building, 3, Waroung-ro, Dalseo-gu, Daegu, Korea
Hyunjin Knit Co, Ltd.Swimwear
Outdoor Wear
Athletic Leisure
-Nylon Spandex Warp Knit Fabric
-Polyester Warp Knit Fabric
Rep: Soon Hee Yeo
Contact: Hyeon Chul Bae
Company Profile: Hyunjin Knit Co. is a tricot fabric manufacturer and exporter that creates products to suit the needs of their clients and the global market. With many years of experience as the nation's leading tricot manufacturer, Hyunjin is continuing to expand its business by focusing on its company's mottos, 'customer satisfaction' and 'trust first'. Hyunjin will continue to do its best to maintain the highest level of service and product innovations.

Address: #803, 8F, ACETECHNO TOWER, 11, Digital-ro 33-gil, Guro-gu, Seoul, Korea
Hyup Sung Group Co., Ltd.Women's Wear, Tops, Dress, Skirts-Polyester knits fabric
-Print & Solid
Rep: Hans Oh
Contact: Jun Lee

With 30 years of successful operation in the textile industry, Hyup Sung Group and TS have established a solid reputation around the globe.
They have been leading the global market with fashionable South Company Profile: Korean synthetic fiber textile items on the back of a wealth of industry experience and creative new products.
Despite current unfavorable economic conditions, they are doing their best to weather the global downturns with their faithful buyers through strong partnerships. They are extremely pleased that their buyers can leverage their strengths, such as good prices, fast delivery and in-house design ability to deliver better products to their clients.
Jin Sung International Co, Ltd.Men's & Women's Wear
Casual Wear
Kid's Wear
-Various Unique Functional Finishing
Printing Based on Knit
-Woven Fabrics
Rep: Jong Hwan Song
Contact: Yun Chang Choi
ycchoi@jinsungicl.comCompany Profile: Jin Sun International has supplied specialized & unique fabrics for famous domestic brands in Europe and Asia since 2000. The majority of their fabrics are produced by special technical finishing like breathable, pear effect, foil printing based on knit, woven fabrics. They are also continuing to develop new technical finishing like thermo sensitive theraphy printing, 3D effect printing, reflective finishing etc. as leader of the textile industry.

Address: #B-1806, Samhomoolsan Bldg., 87, Nonhyeon-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea
JM InternationalWomen's Wear-Polyester Low Gauge Knit Mixed Metallic
-Solid and Print
Rep:Seung Soo June
Contact:Seung Soo June
betterjm@hanmail.netCompany Profile: JM international specializes in producing polyester circular knit and mixed material for women's wear.10
Jung Kwang Textiles Co, Ltd.Swimming Suits
Stage/Dance Costumes
Women's Fashion Wear
-Nylon Stretch Spandex (Plain Dyed, Printed, Hologram, Color Foille, etc.)
-All kinds of sequins
Rep: Brillian Rhee
kgrhee@daum.netAddress: 9-27, Gwanhwa 5-gil, Gwanhwa-ri, Seonnam-myeon, Seongju-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea27
Kyungin KnitWomen's Wear-Whole Garment Knit Apparel (Pullover, Cardigan, Skirt, Pants, Jacket, etc.)Rep: Kyung Sun Bae
Contact: Yong Kang Bae
Company Profile: Kyungin Knit was founded in 1993 and has been producing whole garment knits (knitted without sewing) all the while accumulating more advanced technologies and more experience. They supply in two ways: ODM and OEM.

Address: 124, Sagimakgol-ro, Jungwon-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
L-Button Study Co, Ltd.Sportswear
Kid's and Junior's Wear
All kinds of buttons and trims (real horn, corozo, leather, metal alloy, mop shell, polyester, etc.)Rep: See Youl Lee
exp@l-button.comCompany Profile: L-Button Study Co. is one of largest makers of buttons and trims for garments in South Korea. They supply all kinds of buttons and trims for famous fashion brands in America and Europe. You can see their collections at showrooms in New York and Los Angeles.

Address: 7F, VISION Bldg., Choongsin-dong, Jongro-gu, Seoul, Korea
Life TextileWomen's and Kid's WearJacquard KnitRep: Il Seung Bae
Contact: Il Seung Bae
Company profile: Life Textile is a knit jacquard manufacturer that creates new designs on a daily basis.
Address: 4F, 62, Omok-ro 205beon-gil, Uijeongbu-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Millenium CorporationMen's/Women's/Children's Outerwear
-Polyester-coated items
-Nylon-coated items
-Cotton-blended items
Rep: Gil Hwan Park
Contact: Ae Shik Kang
joeykang@m-corp.co.krCompany Profile: Millennium Corporation always strives to reinforce and strengthen its competitiveness by strategically adjusting to fast-paced changes in the business environment.

Address: #1014, 5, Digital-ro 26-gil, Guro-gu, Seoul, Korea
Myungpum TextileWomen's Wear-Jacquard
-Double French
Rep:Hak Sung Choi
Contact:Hyuk Choi
mptextile@naver.comCompany Profile: Myungpum textile specializes in producing French, jacquard, and double French fabrics.3
New WaveMen's & Women's Wear
Casual & Functional Wear.
-Poly 2-way
-1 Way Stretch
-Cotton Blended
-Special Coated Cotton Blended
-Synthetic Fabric
Rep: Se Ik Kim
Contact: Julia
julia@nwtextile.comCompany Profile: New Wave mainly produces nylon/poly stretch fabrics and cotton blended fabrics as well as synthetic fabrics. New wave exports to Germany and Italy for men and women's casual/functional wear20
Pangrim Co, Ltd.Men's & Women's Wear-Tencel
-Organic Cotton
-Textured Cotton
-Recycled Polyester
N/P, P/C, N/C, P/R
Rep: Jae Hee Suh
Contact: Jae Hyun Kwak
Company Profile: Since 1963, PangRim has invested an enormous amount of foreign currency into the Korean textile industry to keep abreast of the Korean Economic Development Plan. The company has always been a pioneer and leader within the industry and resolved to remain competitive in the so-called ‘globalized borderless consumer market’. Some of those activities include liberal investment in R&D, creation of high value-added products, and the establishment of a multi-national production system.
Striving to be the world’s best in respect to the production technology and the quality of the products, PangRim has produced new and sensual textile products with high-functionality. Its innovative production facilities of spinning, weaving, dyeing, printing and finishing contribute to the esthetics and comfort of human beings.

Address: 402, World Cup buk-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea
Pine (Youngbo Worldwide Co, Ltd.)Sports
Outdoor High Performance
-Clipped Jacquard
-Coated Cotton
-Arctube (Seamless Downproof Jacket)
-Airguard (High Performance Sport Fabric)
Rep: Robert Kim
Contact: James Jeong
Company Profile: Youngbo Worldwide Co., Ltd is a leading global textile company specializing in premium linings and various casual fabrics including functional materials. Since its inception in 2003, they have established branch offices in New York and China. Through their global network, they have been able to identify rapidly changing fashion trends and supply unique and high-quality fabrics to global brands. They value environmentally friendly growth and that sustainability is at the forefront of their endeavors. They have been constantly innovating to improve quality through accumulated experiences. They will continue to research, study and develop to address specific customer requirements.
Address: 1st PK Bldg., 25, Dasan-ro 20-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea
Protextile Co., LtdWomen's Wear-Knit
-Burn Out
-Foiled Fabric
Rep: Chul Seok Park
Contact: Chul Seok Park

charlespark@protextile.co.kr Company Profile: Protextile has been actively developing and exporting women's wear in the European and American market since 1997. With its sound relationships with businesses in the U.S and Europe, Protextile meets the needs of its customers through trendy and innovative designs.12
S.K Tex Co, Ltd.Women's Suits
Party Suits
-Polyester Woven FabricsRep: Hyun Boon Jung
Contact: Danim Hwang
Company Profile: S·K TEX CO., LTD was founded in 2000, and exports superior quality and exceptional fabrics made of fiber technology and developed at global market with customers' high satisfaction.
We are constantly trying to catch up with the new trends change. Through a number of times on a business trip and exhibitions decided that only the development of a new quality to lead us through this difficult fabric economic.
Customers that precedes the development of a quality that can quickly lead us to the world fashion market will be better that the last credit rating.
So we use our strengths to actively and is now targeting the European and the Americas markets. (Customers praise us through the same point as follows : Developed that can quickly lead the world fashion market, Quality antecedence, Credit.)
In addition, they experienced with excellent know-how and skilled workers with more than 30 years, has always diligently work on all the time. Thus, even before the future differentiation and competitiveness of our company and for other companies.
In the future, we look forward to further growth and development as South Korea textile companies that can lead the world market.
S·K TEX CO., LTD received a supply of yarn material from Huvis Inc and advanced material from Hyosung Inc, Toray Inc. This is designing(organization) and producing as water jet loom, two-for-one twister that we have.
The mainly women's suits, party suits, blouses. These synthetic fabrics, but has the feel of a natural fiber products with a variety of processing techniques and target the main markets in Europe and the Americas.
Production capacity of our company is 20,000,000m per year. And we always supply only high quality products to our customers through an integrated production process from yarn to weaving, dyeing processing.
Our great strengths are what can put together a wide range of that from the various items of general polyester fabric to products with a stretch without using a spandex yarn needed by the customer, quick delivery and continuous development.

Address: 74-12, Nongong-ro 91-gil, Nongong-eup, Dalseong-gun, Daegu, Korea
Senlintex Co, Ltd.Women's Sportswear-FR Fabrics
-Hydrophilic (Functional Fabric)
Rep: Ju Yeon Park
Contact: Paulina Park
Company Profile: Selintex Co specializes in FR fabrics as well as functional fabrics.
They exported to KOAMR USA through KPNY 2013 and began supplying major customers like DKNY, LI&FUNG etc.

Address: RM302, 107-19, Yangjaecheon-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea
Shinwha Silk Co, Ltd.Men's/Women's Garments and Ties
Wedding Dresses
-Pure Silk
-Silk/Poly Fabric
Rep: Yeong Cheol Kwon
shinwha@naver.comCompany Profile: Shinhwa Silk was established in 1961 in Jinju City and is one of the leaders in the Korean silk industry.

Address: 33, Worasan-ro 996 Beon-gil, Munsan-eup, Jinju, Kyeongnam, Korea
SM Tex Co, Ltd.Women' & Men's Wear-Knitted Fabrics (Poly Span Jersey, Rayon, Cotton, CVC, Jacquard, etc.)
-Functional Fabrics (Nylon Span Jersey, Quick-Dry, Antibacterial, etc.)
Rep: Lewis Lee
lewis@smtex.co.krCompany Profile: SMTEX has built extensive manufacturing networks. They also develop, analyze, consult, and produce various kinds of knitted fabrics, and have established long-lasting and reliable partnerships with knitting, dyeing and printing factories in Korea, China and Vietnam. SMTEX has cooperated with numerous textile and clothing companies, and global enterprises as well.

Address: 2F, 684-5, Gojan-dong, Danwon-gu, Aansan-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Sunmoon Textile & GarmentMen's/Women's/Junior's Wear-RA
Rep: Eric Won
info@sunmoontex.comCompany Profile: Sunmoon Textile & Garments provides quality fabrics from Korea, China, Vietnam. They develop over one hundred new items per year.

Address: #201, Seoul Design Works Bldg., 242 Itaewon-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Korea
Taekwang CorporationJackets
-Suede Bonded with Shearing
-Micro Suede
-Fake Fur & Leather
Rep: Ki Hong Kim
Company Profile: Tae Kwang Corporation was established in 1992. Their main market is in the U.S.A and Europe. They mainly deal with bonded fabrics, fake fur, fake leather and micro suede.

Address: RM909, LIFE OFFICETEL, 40, 63-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Korea
Taihan Textile Co, Ltd.Men's/Women's/Kid's/Junior's Wear-Fabrics (Made of Novelty Yarn)
-Printing & Dyeing Fabrics
-Organic Cotton
-Cotton USA
Rep: In Ho Kim
Contact: Eric Ryu
Company Profile: Taihan Textile Co, Ltd was established in 1953 and was a pioneer of the textile industry. Over the course of the last 50+ years, Taihan has maintained the highest position in terms of production scale, R&D and other investment for dyeing and printing companies.
Address: 13F, 17, Gukjegeumyung-ro 2-gil, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Korea
Terra Optima Co, Ltd.Party Wear
-Plain or Mixed Silk (Plain Dyed, Digital Print, Embroidery, Special Finish)
Rep: Yoon Yeo Hak
Company Profile: Terra Optima Co. was established on June 1st, 2014 by Mr. Yoon, the former CEO of both of Okto F Works and Hansun Korea Co. They have been a leading producer of processed silk fabric/ silky aspects/ fancy items for more than 20 years and continue to develop new items every season to satisfy the needs of their global clients. Since Sep. 2008 they have participated in PV. Paris, and are developing new products by reinforcing their new production facilities that are specially made for natural dyeing and design creations. Their concept for new products are "Fusion Articles".

Address: 3F, Dongjin Bldg., 639-5 Junggok-dong, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, Korea
Toposilks Co., LTCHigh End Fashion-Silk
Rep: Won Chul Shin
Contact: Won Chul Shin
hwang@toposilks.comCompany Profile: Toposilk mainly produces natural fiber (Silk, Cotton, Wool, Cashmere, Viscose, and Triacetate)
Address:#606, Hansol Technotown, 455, Gyeongsu-daero, Gunpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Won Textiles Co., LTDWomen's Wear and Kid's Wear-Faux Fur FabricsRep: Wonner Kim
Contact: Wonner Kim
wontextiles@gmaile.comCompany Profile: Won Textiles specializes in producing faux fur fabrics. Maintaining steady sales since its foundation in 2008, Won Textiles acknowledges the importance of product quality.9
Wooil Textile Co, Ltd.Women's Tops and Lingerie
Women's Jacket and Accessories
-Knitted fancy fabricRep: Sung Soo Kim
Contact: Michael Kim
sooya77@wooiltex.comCompany Profile: Since opening its doors in 2005, Wooil Textile has gained a lot of experience in the textile field. They work not only work with major US brands like Nike, GAP and Tommy Hilfiger but also many European brands. They can supply high-quality fabrics for women at reasonable prices and promise to introduce a variety of innovative fabrics every season.

Address: 165, Hyeonam-ro, Suji-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Woowon UMFWomen's Wear
Men's Wear
-PU Leather
Rep: Dong Seong Goo
Contact: Hyoung Jin Kim
reonoald@naver.comCompany Profile: Woowon UMF specializes in man-made leather and suede.
Man-made leather is widely used for garments, shoes and furniture because of its color and design. It is also reasonably priced.

Address: RM202, Gaepung Bldg., 18, Samseon-dong 2ga, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, Korea
Y.M.K CO., LTDWomen's Wear100% Polyester, Chiffon, 2-Way Span, C/N Span, P/C etc.Rep: Young Doo Kwon
Contact: Seon A Lee
Company Profile: YMK specializes in the production of chemical fibers (Polyester, Nylon, N/P) and union cloth( N/C, P/C, N/PC, C/N, C/P).26
Young Won CorporationWomen's WearSilky Fabric ( micro polyester, micro jacquard), 100% Viscose Fabric, Novelties, Functional Fabric (U-veil polyester, U-veil jacquard)Rep: Hee Jin Kim
Contacts: Young Taek Woo
steven@youngwonint.comCompany Profile: Young Won Corporation specializes in woven dobby and jacquard fabrics
Address: 16, Dalgubeol-daero 226-gil, Dalseo-gu, Daegu, Korea
Youngwoo T&F LeadWomen's & Men's Clothing-Mixed Fabric (Cotton, Linen, Wool, Rayon, Polyester, Nylon, Tencel, Spandex, etc.)Rep: Young Sook Lee
Contact: JD Yoon
intsales@ywtnf.comCompany Profile: Youngwoo specializes in high-quality union clothes (mixed fabrics) ranging from naturals (Cotton, Linen, Wool, Silk) to synthetics (Yarn-dyed memory, High-multi-filaments, Microfiber fabrics, Cupro-mixed, CN. NP, CP, steel coverings, two-way spans, tencel, rayon, modal, lycra etc). Since its establishment in 1990, Youngwoo has broadened its horizons as a skilled manufacturer, exporter, and trendsetter.

Address: A-12F, Keumkang Penterium IT TOWER, 282, Hagui-ro, Dongan-gu, Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea